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All commands are for nighttime!


Normal Werewolf - kills during the night using the command /msg hunt kill nick
Lycaon - Werewolf, protected from blocking. Shows as Good to the detective. Kills using the command /msg hunt kill nick
Mutant - Werewolf, can kill a player that is protected or immuned. Command: /msg hunt kill nick


Villager - Normal villager without special powers. Can vote during the day and help the community to find the Werewolf.
Doctor - Protects a player during the night, command: /msg hunt protect nick
Doctor House - Same as the doctor but will always protect, even if the werewolf is a Mutant.
Detective - Can inspect a player during the night, command: /msg hunt inspect nick
Naive Detective - Detective that will always get good results. You don't know you whether you are naive or not.
Sherlock Holmes - A special detective that always gets accurate results, even if the inspected player is Lycaon. Also Sherlock is always protected from night kills.
Ghost - A Villager that has 90% chance to evade the attack of the werewolf and transfer it to another villager.
Mayor - He buys voters and during the day his vote counts as two. The Mayor has no abilities during the night.
Wizzard - Can block a player's ability during the night. Command: /msg hunt block nick
Priest - Can protect a player from being blocked by the wizzard by giving him/her an aura, command: /msg hunt aura nick . If he gets lynched during the day he will kill the laster voter.

Roles in development - expect soon in game type Fun:
Hunter, Ninja, Drunk, Angel, Superman, Spy, Monk, Suicider, Coward, Traitor, Idiot, Psycho, Deceiver