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Not following the rules may result in your removal or even ban from the game.
The point of the rules is to have a calm and relaxed game (and fun of course).
If you have any questions - PM Rix.

  1. Communication in private is allowed only if you are alive, you are part of the werewolves and it is nighttime. You can also chat if it is unrelated to the game.
  2. Pasting logs or quoting the messages the bot sends you in private is forbidden.
  3. You are required to fulfill the conditions to win. It is forbidden to play against yourself or your faction/team.
  4. You must fulfill your win conditions without delaying a certan win (for example there are three players and you are the werewolf. If one of the villagers votes the other you must immediately vote to lynch and win the game)
  5. You may not bring outside information or vendettas into the current game.
  6. Do not join games you cannot complete. If you need to leave, say so and ask a moderator to swap you with other player.
  7. Do not flood. All kind of spam or unrelevant advertisement is prohibited. No hate speach, no harassement - racial or relegious. Do not play with more than one nick.

Have fun and enjoy the game :)