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Welcome to the web page of the Werewolf IRC Game.

To play via Web click here and join channel #hunt (/j #hunt). The game is in Fewona IRC Network (#hunt) -

Werewolf is a social game where we pretend to murder each other. Your skills to reveal who is the werewolf are most important, as well as if deceiving the others if you are a werewolf. You must concince the others you are innocent.
The battle is between two teams -> Villagers and Werewolves. For every werewolf there are 4 villagers (so 8 players = 2 werewolves and 12 players = 3 werewolves).

The game is starting when someone types !start. There are various type of games, which are selected like that: !start normal (normal is a type). If you don't specify it will default to normal. More info about types click here

After the game is launched, there is a period for joining it, which is 3 minutes.
To join a game type !in and to part from a game type !out. If everyone has joined you can speed up the joining process by typing !go. And if someone hasn't joined you can extend the joining time with 3 minutes by typing !wait

After the joining period the game is starting. At the beginning the bot will give each player a role. The role can be good(villager) or bad(werewolf). No one knows others' role. There is a night and a day time. During the night, the objective is to act and use your ability if you have one. For more information about roles click here. When every player acts the night ends and the day begins.

During the day everyone starts discussing who might be the werewolf and votes for one player. The werewolf acts like a normal villager during the day and also votes. He/she must convince and deceive the others that he/she is innocent. The villagers also have to convince the others they are innocent.

When you decide who you want to lynch type !vote nick in the channel. You can cancel your vote by voting other player !vote nick or type !unvote if you don't want to vote other player. If you are not sure who to vote you can vote for no lynch by typing: !vote nokill

The day will end when there are 50% + 1 votes for a player and that player will be lynched and will die. If the player is a werewolf and there are no other werewolves the game will end and the villagers win. If the lynched player is a villager the game will continue with a night. The game will also end with a win for the werewolf(werewolves) if the number of them is equal to the number of villagers. The night can also end without a lynch if 50% of the players type !vote nokill

Do not rush to vote. The point is to have a discussion and show your deceiving or manipulative skills.

If you forget your role just type /msg hunt role